Health and safety guidance and research

This section contains policies and guidance related to health and safety regulation.

Our role is to provide advice and enforce the relevant health and safety legislation. As well as the provision of onsite advice given by our inspectors, we can also provide written advice and guidance on how to comply with the law.

Previous versions of guidance and superseded guidance and research can be found on the National Archives website.

Occupational health guidance

Advice and guidance on occupational health matters for railway employers and employees.

Worker safety

Guidance on worker safety includes: managing contractors, fatigue, and working with asbestos.

Infrastructure safety

Guidance on infrastructure safety includes: level crossings, signals passed at danger, train protection, road/rail interface, rolling stock and route crime.

Passenger safety

Guidance on passenger safety includes station safety and crowding on trains.

Goal-setting principles for railway health and safety

Our expectations for the high-level health and safety outcomes that should be achieved by the railway.

Health and safety by design

Designing for simpler, easier to use and safer systems is a health and safety benefit.

Risk management

A range of risk management documents.

Tramway technical guidance

The technical guidance notes that issued by us with the initial intention of addressing the immediate lack of specific standards that apply to the design, construction and operation of UK tramways.


Competence is the ability to work to an agreed standard on a regular basis.