Annual ORR/Trade Union Safety Representatives Conference

Name: Fifth Annual ORR/ Trade Union Safety Representatives Conference
Date: Tuesday 3 November 2015
Venue: Network Rail's Westwood Development Centre, Coventry
Theme: Equality, Ageing and Diversity

The conference is looking at the health and safety issues associated with equality, ageing and diversity. The main speech is looking at the medical and psychological issues related to the ageing workforce and how these issues can be recognised and taken into account when looking at health and safety issues. Following the main speech, there is the opportunity for delegates to attend two of four workshops which will explore the main themes in more detail. We will be live tweeting from the event using the hashtag #ORRTUconf15.

Keynote speaker

Dr Tom Russ  - Dr Russ is a clinical lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry at the University of Edinburgh. He works with older people suffering from mental illness and dementia. His speech to the conference will examine the medical and psychological issues related to the ageing workforce and how mild cognitive impairment can be recognised and managed. As the workforce ages, this is an area of growing concern. Dr Russ is a recognised authority in this subject and has given well received presentations to ARIOPS and TSSA. We are fortunate in securing his time and expertise to talk to us about this important topic.


  1. Neurodiversity – facilitator Adele Potten-Price from TSSA
  2. Mild Cognitive Impairment – facilitator Dr Tom Russ
  3. Gender Issues – facilitator Susan Murray/Paul Clyndes from Unite the Union and RMT respectively
  4. Health based risk assessments – facilitator Dr Claire Dickinson and Sharon Mawhood – ORR Occupational Health Team


  1. RSSB
  2. Transport Benevolent Fund
  3. CIRAS
  4. Samaritans
  5. Mind – the mental health charity
  6. TSSA
  7. Unite the Union
  8. RMT