What and how we regulate

We are the independent regulator for Britain's rail industry and monitor of Highways England.

We are the economic regulator for railway infrastructure (Network Rail and HS1); the health and safety regulator for the rail industry as a whole – including mainline, metro, tramways and heritage railways across Britain; and the industry's consumer and competition authority. We also monitor Highways England's management of the strategic road network – the motorways and main A roads in England.

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Periodic review 2018 (PR18)

At the heart of the review is our assessment of what Network Rail must achieve from 2019 to 2024, control period 6 (CP6).

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Highways Monitor

We have responsibilities as the independent monitor of Highways England and its management of the strategic road network.

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Health and safety

We regulate health and safety for the entire mainline rail network in Britain, as well as London Underground, light rail, trams and the heritage sector.

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Network Rail regulation

We regulate Network Rail’s stewardship of the rail network for the long term – for investors, train companies and their passengers, freight customers and the taxpayers.

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We work to ensure that the rail market is fair – for passengers, freight customers, railway operators and taxpayers.

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We work to ensure that the rail market is competitive for passengers, freight customers, railway operators and taxpayers.

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High Speed 1 (HS1)

We require HS1 Ltd, the company that has a concession to operate and manage the railway between St Pancras and the Channel Tunnel, to be efficient and perform well.

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Track access

If a railway operator wants to access the railway network, they have to apply to us for a track access agreement with Network Rail.

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Station and depot access

We regulate access to station and light maintenance depots by approving station and depot access agreements.

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Guidance and forms for railway operators and train drivers.

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Permissions, approvals & decisions

A one-stop-shop for the Office of Rail and Road's (ORR) permissions, approvals and decisions.

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Our investment framework and guidance for investing in the railway.

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