User engagement

This is where you can find out about:

  • our proposals about changes to statistics;
  • changes in methodology prior to publication;
  • papers of work we are working closely on with the industry; and
  • our consultations with the rail industry.

We actively seek feedback from users of the statistics and will highlight where there is opportunity to take part. We will highlight documents where we are looking for feedback from the users of the statistics.

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Proposed changes

This section provides details on our proposed changes to our statistical publications. It outlines our proposals and asks for feedback from users of the statistics. The feedback received will inform our decisions about any potential changes and may influence our decisions.

There are currently no proposed changes.

Rail statistics management group

We currently chair two industry groups to ensure that our data meet stakeholder needs and are of good quality:

The Rail statistics management group (RSMG) meets quarterly and is made up of a number of member organisations. Current members are:

  • Association of Train Operating Companies
  • Department for Transport
  • London Travelwatch
  • Network Rail
  • Office of Rail Regulation (ORR)
  • Passenger Focus
  • Rail Freight group
  • Rail Safety and Standards Board
  • Transport for London
  • Transport Scotland
  • The Welsh Assembly

The RSMG is made up of lead statisticians or data specialists that have responsibility for the production and use of rail data in their respective organisations and the group deals with the improvement of rail statistics.

National rail trends stakeholder group - We hold a quarterly forum, the NRT stakeholder group, with participants from a variety of industry stakeholders, representing passengers, train operators and government to discuss their requirements and also to ratify our proposals on data improvements.

This is also an ideal place for us to seek feedback from industry stakeholders on our statistics.

Minutes for previous RSMG meetings:

Research papers

Improving rail data

A number of reviews have been commissioned by us to ensure that its data are robust and align with stakeholder requirements. Links to the reports can be found below:


We welcome feedback. Please send an email to with any comments or suggestions.

Last updated - 3 February 2015