User engagement

This page enables users to access:

  • our proposals about changes to statistics;
  • changes in methodology prior to publication;
  • papers of work we are working closely on with the industry; and
  • our consultations with the rail industry.

We actively seek feedback from users of the statistics and will highlight where there is opportunity to take part. We will highlight documents where we are looking for feedback from the users of the statistics.

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Proposed changes

This section provides details on our proposed changes to our statistical publications. It outlines our proposals and asks for feedback from users of the statistics. The feedback received will inform our decisions about any potential changes and may influence our decisions.

Following recent consultation with Rail statistics management group (RSMG), ORR is proposing to change the publication schedule of Network Rail Outputs and Indicators - Key Statistics from quarterly to 6-monthly to align with the publication schedule of ORR’s Network Rail Monitor which these statistics support. The punctuality data (PPM, CaSL and Right Time) included in these statistics is already updated every period for each train operator separately on the data portal. This change to the publication schedule will take effect from the start of 2017, therefore the statistics will be published in June and November each year only. If you have any comments or queries on this proposed change, please contact

Improving rail data

A number of reviews have been commissioned by us to ensure that its data are robust and align with stakeholder requirements. Links to the reports can be found below:

Data portal

Rail statistics management group

The Rail statistics management group (RSMG) is composed of the main industry participants where we discuss possible improvements to rail statistics and research in the rail industry.


We welcome feedback. Please send an email to with any comments or suggestions.