Research and studies

A list of our research and studies is available below.

  • Monitoring markets

    How we fulfil our responsibilities to keep rail markets under review and to take appropriate measures where markets are not working to the benefit of users or funders.

    13 Jul 2018

  • Stirling Dunblane Alloa electrification project deliverability review - Summary report

    In May 2017, we commissioned an Independent Reporter, Nichols, to carry out a deliverability review of Stirling Dunblane Alloa (SDA) electrification project.

    4 Dec 2017

  • Evidence of revenue generation and abstraction from historical open-access entry and expansion pdf icon PDF, 1,634 Kb

    We commissioned LeighFisher to undertake a study to investigate historical evidence around the impacts of open access entry and expansion, to improve our understanding of the likely impacts on revenue generation and revenue abstraction.

    7 Jan 2016

  • Impact assessment of the Competition and Markets Authority's (CMA) options for increasing on-rail competition pdf icon PDF, 3,691 Kb

    We commissioned Arup/Oxera to undertake an impact assessment of the CMA’s options for increasing on-rail competition to improve our understanding of the likely impacts of each option on operators, passengers and funders.

    31 Dec 2015

  • Passenger experience report

    A summary of the passengers’ experience of planning journeys, choosing rail, buying tickets and using its services drawing on new research into passengers’ decisions, past research into buying and travel habits.

    2 Apr 2014

  • Disabled rail passengers’ awareness of assistance from train operators - March 2014 pdf icon PDF, 268 Kb

    We commissioned some research to see how much people knew about the assistance provided when travelling by rail.

    28 Mar 2014

  • Rail passenger compensation and refund rights

    Rail passenger compensation and refund rights - report on rail passengers' awareness of their compensation and refund rights.

    21 Feb 2014

  • Independent reporters

    The role of the independent reporter is to provide us with professional advice on the quality of Network Rail's provision, as specified in their licence.

    16 Dec 2013

  • Periodic review 2013: consultants and reporters' studies

    A list of reports produced by our consultants and reporters.

    30 Oct 2013

  • Impact of publishing more information on seat availability: South West Trains case study pdf icon PDF, 366 Kb

    Assessing what impact putting more data on seat availability into the public domain has on passengers’ behaviour.

    26 Jul 2012