H&S reports

  • Annual health and safety report

    The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) report on health and safety performance on Britain’s railways in 2017-18 covering the mainline railway, Transport for London (including London Underground), and Britain’s light railways.

    17 Jul 2018

  • Occupational health news - Quarterly updates for the rail industry

    Access all the quarterly occupational health updates produced by ORR until July 2018 and find out how to subscribe to the RSSB health and wellbeing newsletter which has taken its place.

    21 May 2018

  • UK Annual safety report to the European Union Agency for Railways 2016 pdf icon PDF, 531 Kb

    Article 18 of the Railway Safety Directive requires National Safety Authorities (NSAs) to publish an annual safety report.

    1 Sep 2017

  • Railway Safety Principles on Driver Controlled Operation pdf icon PDF, 90 Kb

    Driver Controlled Operation (or DCO) is a method of working where the driver is responsible for door operation and determining that it is safe to start the train.

    5 Apr 2017

  • Goal-setting principles for railway health and safety pdf icon PDF, 2,005 Kb

    We have produced this report to help dutyholders understand how to meet our expectations for the high-level goals that should be achieved by the railway when complying with the health and safety legislation.

    16 Jan 2017

  • GTR-Southern Railways – Driver Only Operation (DOO) – Report from the HM Chief Inspector of Railways pdf icon PDF, 645 Kb

    Driver only operation of passenger trains (DOO) is where the train driver is in control of the door operation of the train.

    5 Jan 2017

  • ORR’s Independent Review of RSSB - Final report - November 2016 pdf icon PDF, 1,367 Kb

    In May 2016, RSSB’s Chair requested we carry out an independent review of the organisation. This is our final report concluding the review.

    28 Nov 2016

  • Findings and conclusions from the stakeholder survey as part of the post implementation review of ROGS - March 2016 pdf icon PDF, 609 Kb

    Consultation conclusions

    1 Mar 2016

  • London Bridge station disruption report pdf icon PDF, 91 Kb

    Station management at Network Rail London Bridge station between January and March 2015.

    6 Aug 2015

  • Freight derailments: the interaction of track, vehicle and freight container load, and potential areas for improvements

    Papers from the rail freight industry seminar, 6 March 2015

    6 Mar 2015

  • Work related stress in the rail industry 2014 - ORR position paper pdf icon PDF, 1,006 Kb

    Our work related stress position paper aims to promote and support the wider adoption of an organisational, rather than individual approach, to work related stress management across the rail industry.

    20 Jun 2014

  • Occupational health programme 2014-19: making it happen pdf icon PDF, 1,751 Kb

    The health of its workforce is crucial to our industry’s success. It’s fundamental to running an efficient and responsible business. For an industry turning over £18bn annually and employing more than 150,000 people, the business case is pretty straightforward.

    28 Apr 2014

  • Entities in charge of maintenance certificates - engineering inspection plans pdf icon PDF, 1,131 Kb

    Engineering Inspection Plans have been developed primarily to achieve consistency for inspectors carrying out engineering inspections and allow for a targeted approach on these inspections.

    9 May 2012

  • Overview of work related ill health in the GB rail industry 2010 pdf icon PDF, 815 Kb

    A qualitative overview of the likely scale of work related ill health in the GB rail industry and the current arrangements for its management.

    14 Jun 2011

  • Summary of position in respect of the 29 recommendations made by RAIB in association with the derailment at Grayrigg on 23 February 2007 pdf icon PDF, 149 Kb

    Summary of position in respect of the 29 recommendations made by RAIB in association with the derailment at Grayrigg on 23 February 2007 (as at 8 April 2011).

    8 Apr 2011

  • Occupational health programme 2010 to 2014 pdf icon PDF, 707 Kb

    By implementing this programme, we will promote and deliver our vision of a rail industry that consistently achieves best practice in occupational health.

    30 Jun 2010