Policies and statements

A list of our policies and statements is available in date order below.

  • Approach to authorisations under the Railways (Interoperability) Regulations 2011 pdf icon PDF, 172 Kb

    This policy statement sets out our approach to interoperability authorisations under the Railways (Interoperability) Regulations 2011 (as amended) (the Regulations).

    22 Sep 2017

  • Economic enforcement policy and penalties statement for railway licence holders pdf icon PDF, 599 Kb

    Our enforcement policy as economic regulator for the main railway in Great Britain and contains the penalties statement required by section 57B of the Railways Act 1993 (the Act).

    9 Dec 2015

  • Complaints handling procedures - a regulatory statement - July 2014 pdf icon PDF, 295 Kb

    This statement is intended to give clarity to operators on the approach we intend to take to our role and the process for implementing complaints handling procedures.

    17 Jul 2014

  • Disabled people’s protection policies - a regulatory statement - July 2014 pdf icon PDF, 304 Kb

    This statement sets out our approach to our approval and monitoring role of train operator's disabled people’s protection policies.

    17 Jul 2014

  • Further regulatory statement on Crossrail charging pdf icon PDF, 98 Kb

    Regulatory statement about the characterisation of the Crossrail Supplementary Access Charge under the Railways Infrastructure (Access and Management) Regulations 2005

    28 Feb 2014

  • Regulators welcome Government cross-sectoral study

    The UK's economic regulators welcomed the Government's study to identify ways in which cross-sectoral approaches and collaboration across regulators could improve outcomes for consumers. It aims to build on UK's strong track record of independent regulation, which has delivered better value, more choice and improved service quality for consumers over the last three decades.

    5 Dec 2013

  • Long-term regulatory statement - opportunities and challenges for the railway

    Our long-term regulatory statement discusses how our regulation may develop in line with the changing shape of the industry, and identifies priorities for the growth and sustainability of Britain’s railways.

    15 Jul 2013

  • Joint statement by Department for Transport and Office of Rail Regulation - 18 March 2013 pdf icon PDF, 20 Kb

    The conclusions reached between DfT and ORR following our joint consultation on regulating passenger franchisees in England and Wales.

    18 Mar 2013

  • Alliancing: ORR policy statement pdf icon PDF, 81 Kb

    Policy statement on alliancing.

    6 Mar 2012

  • Enforcing Network Rail delivery of operational performance statement pdf icon PDF, 62 Kb

    Update of policy on enforcing Network Rail delivery of operational performance issued in March 2006.

    28 Oct 2010

  • Health and safety policies and statements

    A list of our health and safety policies and statements.

    12 Dec 2009

  • High Speed 1 regulation - ORR statement pdf icon PDF, 1,709 Kb

    Our approach to the regulation of High Speed 1, the rail line between London St Pancras and the Channel Tunnel.

    30 Oct 2009

  • Crossrail regulatory statement pdf icon PDF, 3,206 Kb

    Regulatory statement in respect of the Crossrail Central section

    13 Nov 2008

  • Track access options policy pdf icon PDF, 423 Kb

    This policy relates only to the arrangements for granting track access options (TAOs) between train operators and the facility owner, which in the majority of cases, but not all, will be Network Rail.

    17 Jan 2008

  • Sustainable development policy statement pdf icon PDF, 54 Kb

    Our approach to delivering our specific duties in section 4 of the Railways Act 1993 (as amended) on sustainable development and the environment.

    20 Apr 2007

  • Monitoring and treatment of Network Rail's underspend and efficiency: policy statement pdf icon PDF, 112 Kb

    Confirmation and clarification of our approach, as set out in our June 2005 consultation document, to the monitoring and treatment of Network Rail’s underspend and efficiency.

    31 Jan 2006

  • Long-term track access contracts: final conclusions pdf icon PDF, 203 Kb

    This document sets out ORR’s final conclusions on long-term track access contracts (LTACs) and the policy that we will apply in considering such track access applications.

    17 Jun 2005