Tramway technical guidance

Technical guidance notes for tramways - providing additional guidance for promoters, developers and designers of tramways.

These technical guidance notes have been issued by us with the intention of addressing the gap between the version of RSP2 pdf icon PDF, 747 Kb published in 2006 and current good practice and developing standards that apply to the design, construction and operation of UK tramways. As such we believe that they represent good practice for tramways and supplement the existing general standards, guidance and regulations that are applicable to such operations and should be read in conjunction with them.

It remains of course the responsibility of each system to assess the risks of their specific operation and put in place appropriate arrangements.

The guidance notes are the result of consideration and agreement by representatives drawn from the current operators, manufacturers and maintainers of UK tramway systems that formed our Tramway Standards Group. Assistance has also been sought from European standards bodies such as Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (VDV) and academic institutions such as Manchester Metropolitan University.

In due course we expect that these notes will be superseded by the new guidance that will be drawn up by UKTram pdf icon PDF, 752 Kb.