Health and safety guidance

Our health and safety guidance is listed in date order below.

Previous versions of guidance and superseded guidance and research can be found on the National Archives website.

  • Annual safety reports - guidance for mainline transport operators pdf icon PDF, 643 Kb

    This document provides mainline infrastructure managers and transport undertakings (collectively known as transport operators) with guidance on producing their annual safety reports.

    15 Mar 2017

  • Railway guidance documents

    We produce internal instructions and guidance in the form of railway guidance documents.

    13 Jan 2017

  • Competence

    2 Nov 2016

  • Developing and maintaining staff competence - Railway Safety Publication 1 pdf icon PDF, 1,373 Kb

    This guidance is primarily aimed at those who are responsible for managing and assuring the competence of individuals and teams in the railway and other guided transport systems industry, and whose work may have an impact on operational safety and on occupational health and safety.

    2 Nov 2016

  • ROGs Assessment Manual - 4th Issue pdf icon PDF, 1,254 Kb

    The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on the assessment process for applications for a safety certificate or safety authorisation.

    31 Oct 2016

  • The Railway Safety Levy 2016-17 - A guide for railway service providers - September 2016 pdf icon PDF, 672 Kb

    This document provides advice and guidance on the statutory obligations on railway service providers (RSPs) arising under The Railway Safety Levy Regulations 2006 (the Regulations). It also sets out the purpose of the railway safety levy, how it operates and the role of the Office of Rail and Road (ORR).

    28 Sep 2016

  • RIDDOR guidance pdf icon PDF, 1,032 Kb

    This publication provides guidance on the application of the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR 2013) to: railways; tramways; and any other system using guided transport.

    15 Sep 2016

  • Managing non-safety related changes to the particulars of Level Crossing Orders pdf icon PDF, 73 Kb

    This guidance note clarifies the position regarding certain organisational and practical changes to level crossings and their potential effect on compliance with the relevant Level Crossing Orders.

    23 Mar 2016

  • Train driving licences and certificates regulations 2010 guidance pdf icon PDF, 3,796 Kb

    This guide provides a summary of the Train Driving Licences and Certificates Regulations 2010 (TDLCR) and its aim is to help people affected by them to understand their responsibilities and to take the appropriate action.

    25 Nov 2015

  • Application of the common safety method (CSM) on risk evaluation and assessment pdf icon PDF, 1,529 Kb

    This guidance summarises the European Commission Regulation that sets out a common safety method (CSM) on risk evaluation and assessment for the mainline railway industry.

    16 Mar 2015

  • ROGS guidance pdf icon PDF, 795 Kb

    This guide provides a summary of the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 (ROGS).

    23 Oct 2014

  • Mandatory investigations policy and guidance pdf icon PDF, 264 Kb

    This document sets out our policy on investigating accidents, cases of occupational ill-health and dangerous occurrences.

    12 Aug 2014

  • Assessment criteria for non-mainline safety certificate and safety authorisation applications - March 2014 pdf icon PDF, 760 Kb

    This new set of criteria aims to reduce duplication by having criteria that are applicable to both infrastructure managers and transport undertakings together in one place. Any criteria that apply to infrastructure managers only or to transport undertakings only are clearly stated. The only regulatory change that has been reflected in the new criteria is in relation to the 28-day ‘affected party’ consultation period, which now runs concurrently with ORR’s four-month processing time.

    31 Mar 2014

  • Risk management

    High-level guidance and general principles on assessing whether risks on Britain's railways have been reduced so far as is reasonably practicable.

    13 Jan 2014

  • Surveillance assessments for certificated entities in charge of maintenance (ECM) pdf icon PDF, 727 Kb

    This manual outlines the process for surveillance assessments associated with the certification of entities in charge of maintenance (ECM).

    6 Jan 2014

  • Supplementary guidance to HSE's Enforcement Management Model for ORR pdf icon PDF, 965 Kb

    This guidance will help maintain a level of consistency with the HSE as the principal enforcing authority for the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. There are some enforcement decision making issues that are railway specific, and this guidance sets out additional instructions for using HSE's Enforcement Management Model (EMM) in the railway context.

    31 Dec 2013

  • Responding to health, safety and welfare complaints policy and guidance pdf icon PDF, 214 Kb

    ORR policy on complaints relating to health, safety and welfare arising from the operation of Britain's railways and our process and guidance on handling health safety and welfare complaints.

    12 Dec 2013

  • Witness information leaflet - how we investigate incidents pdf icon PDF, 352 Kb

    Leaflet for those asked to be a witness for the Office of Rail Regulation, intended to answer any questions you might have and provide guidance on why we conduct investigations, how we gather information and evidence, and how you might be asked to help.

    11 Sep 2013

  • Improvement and prohibition notices guidance pdf icon PDF, 3,054 Kb

    Guidance for ORR staff on the use, drafting and service of improvement and prohibition notices and schedules.

    13 Jun 2013

  • Entities in charge of maintenance certification: assessment and guidance manual pdf icon PDF, 2,878 Kb

    This manual provides inspectors with advice and guidance on how to assess applications for an entity in charge of maintenance (ECM) certificate for freight wagons as per European Commission Regulation 445/2011 (the ECM Regulation).

    2 Jul 2012

  • Entities in charge of maintenance: a summary guide for applicants pdf icon PDF, 202 Kb

    This document sets out briefly, what an applicant for an ECM certificate has to provide ORR and outlines the assessment process which ORR will undertake.

    2 Jul 2012

  • Managing rail staff fatigue pdf icon PDF, 1,638 Kb

    Advice on good practice in managing fatigue associated with work in the rail industry.

    20 Jan 2012

  • Level crossings: A guide for managers, designers and operators pdf icon PDF, 1,275 Kb

    General guidance on the safe management, operation, modification and use of Britain’s level crossings, anddetageneral guidance on the safe management, operation, modification and use of Britain’s level crossings, also detailed information on the level crossing order making process which we manage

    15 Dec 2011

  • Assessment criteria for mainline safety certificate and safety authorisation applications pdf icon PDF, 1,069 Kb

    Revised guidance including the new EU criteria along with an indication of the evidence which ORR expects to be provided when applications for certificates or authorisations are submitted. This guidance replaces our previous guidance ‘Assessment Criteria for Safety Certificate and Authorisation Applications dated June 2008’.

    13 Apr 2011

  • Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3) pdf icon PDF, 413 Kb

    This document sets out the criteria we use to assess an organisation’s ability to achieve excellence when controlling health and safety risks.

    25 Mar 2011

  • Railway level crossings on farms - safety notice pdf icon PDF, 30 Kb

    Simple rules for operating user worked level crossings on farmland, which will help to prevent deaths and injuries.

    24 Mar 2011

  • User worked railway level crossings - devising a safe system of work for crossing the railway pdf icon PDF, 65 Kb

    This guidance is for businesses whose employees may need to cross the railway.

    24 Mar 2011

  • Tramway technical guidance

    Technical guidance notes for tramways - providing additional guidance for promoters, developers and designers of tramways.

    25 Jun 2010

  • Techniques for the evaluation of safety management systems - User manual pdf icon PDF, 697 Kb

    This guidance aims to help account holders understand what we expect from them and how they can use techniques for the evaluation of management systems (TEMS) to assess management systems in a systematic way.

    16 Jun 2010

  • RIDDOR - guidance on completing the online form pdf icon PDF, 220 Kb

    This user guide provides RIDDOR reporters with step-by-step instructions for completing the new online RIDDOR form.

    6 Apr 2010

  • Safety-related approvals required under Transport and Works Act Orders, Light Railway Act Orders and Private Acts of Parliament pdf icon PDF, 57 Kb

    This guide describes how ORR will process applications for safety-related approvals that have been delegated to ORR by the Secretary of State for Transport.

    27 Mar 2009

  • ROGS disputes under duty of cooperation pdf icon PDF, 1,797 Kb

    The process we will follow when a serious dispute regarding ROGS duty of cooperation requirements is escalated to us, including disputes arising from the new compatibility standard GE/RT 8270.

    8 Dec 2008

  • ROGS guide to safety verification for heritage railways pdf icon PDF, 1,877 Kb

    This guide is for operators of heritage railways. It provides advice on the safety verification requirements of the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 (ROGS).

    1 Oct 2008

  • ROGS guide to safety verification for tramways pdf icon PDF, 238 Kb

    This guide is primarily for operators and promoters of tramways. It provides advice on the safety verification requirements in the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 (ROGS).

    1 Oct 2008

  • Worker involvement best practice pdf icon PDF, 51 Kb

    The aim of this paper is to highlight the key components of effective worker involvement.

    23 Sep 2008

  • Steam locomotive boilers management - second edition pdf icon PDF, 2,321 Kb

    Guidance and advice to those involved in the management, examination, repair, maintenance and operation of railway locomotive boilers.

    29 Oct 2007

  • Minor railways guidance pdf icon PDF, 749 Kb

    Advice and assistance to minor rail operators on safety requirements.

    10 Sep 2007

  • Safety critical tasks - clarification of ROGS regulations requirements pdf icon PDF, 1,128 Kb

    This guidance is aimed at those responsible for managing and controlling people who carry out safety critical tasks in the railway and associated industries.

    7 Aug 2007

  • ROGS safety critical work - additional guidance pdf icon PDF, 40 Kb

    Guidance on the terms “controller of safety critical work”, “maintenance and installation of components” (in relation to a vehicle used on a transport system) and “practical training”.

    12 Jun 2007

  • Railway Safety Regulations 1999 - TPS and Mark 1 rolling stock - Background pdf icon PDF, 31 Kb

    Background to the Railway Safety Regulations 1999, which required the installation of a form of train protection on the railway, and the staged withdrawal of Mark I rolling stock and of rolling stock with hinged doors but without central locking.

    30 May 2007

  • Safe movement of trains pdf icon PDF, 1,577 Kb

    This document sets out essential principles and guidance regarding the operational aspects of rail safety.

    21 May 2007

  • Safety verification application guidance pdf icon PDF, 263 Kb

    This guidance explains how Duty Holders (Railway Undertakings (RUs) or Infrastructure Managers (IMs)) arrive at the decision to apply, or not apply, Safety Verification (SV).

    17 May 2007

  • Tramways guidance pdf icon PDF, 747 Kb

    Advice and assistance to tramways and light rail operators on safety requirements.

    24 Nov 2006