Our strategy and approach to regulating health and safety risks on Britain’s railways and assessing duty holders’ performance

Our health and safety regulatory strategy pdf icon PDF, 639 Kb sets out our approach to regulating health and safety risks created and managed by Britain’s railways. It looks at how we drive continuous improvement, deliver cost effective and safe railway, to be amongst the safest in the world.

It is supported by five of our six strategic objectives.

  1. A safer railway
  2. Better customer service
  3. Value for money from the railway
  4. Better highways
  5. Promoting a dynamic and commercially sustainable rail sector
  6. High performing regulation

We believe that these six objectives will support the industry towards achieving:

  • Zero employee and industry-caused passenger fatalities
  • Declining levels of risk
  • More consistent adoption of good practice in occupational health management
  • Will also contribute to increased efficiency.

We expect the railway duty holders to continuously examine their behaviour and health and safety management systems to identify and implement reasonably practicable improvements. We believe that good health and safety risk management will also improve business performance.

Our strategic risk chapters reflect our perception of risk across the railway industry, based on incident data and the findings from our inspections, investigations and audits.

Our Risk Management Maturity Model (RM3) sets out the criteria we use to assess an organisation’s ability to achieve excellence in health and safety risks management.