Periodic review 2018 (PR18) consultations

A list of our PR18 consultations in date order.

Invitation to comment on Network Rail’s strategic business plans for CP6
Closing date: 6 Mar 2018
We are inviting views on the strategic plans in Network Rail's SBP submission.

PR18 consultation on amending Schedule 4 notification factors
Closing date: 12 Feb 2018
This consultation set out the options we are considering for revising notification factors for franchised passenger operators. Notification factors (set out in Schedule 4 of franchised passenger track access contracts) reduce the rate of compensation paid by Network Rail when it gives early notice of a possession.

Consultation on our approach for assessing Network Rail's efficiency and wider financial performance in CP6
Closing date: 14 Mar 2018
We are setting out an agenda for substantial change to our approach for assessing Network Rail's efficiency and financial performance in control period 6 (CP6). We are seeking views on these matters.

Consultation on the overall framework for regulating Network Rail
Closing date: 21 Sep 2017
We are consulting on how we propose to regulate Network Rail in CP6.

Consultation on improvements to the drafting of Schedules 4, 7 and 8 of the passenger and freight model track access contracts
Closing date: 23 Feb 2018
This consultation invites suggestions for improvements to the clarity, consistency and simplicity of the contractual drafting of Schedules 4, 7 and 8 of the model freight and passenger track access contracts.

Financial framework for PR18
Closing date: 18 Jan 2018
An update on the information we set out in our first consultation on the financial framework for PR18 which was published in January 2017. Our letter outlines several policy developments that have implications for Network Rail’s funding structure for CP6 and our route level approach to determining its revenue requirements.

Changes to charges and incentives - Consultations
Closing date: 30 Nov 2017
As part of the 2018 periodic review (PR18) of Network Rail, we are reviewing a number of charges and incentives.

System operation in control period 6 (CP6)
Closing date: 21 Sep 2017
As well as setting out some decisions we have made on elements of the regulatory framework for the Network Rail national system operator, this consultation seeks views on further aspects of the national system operator (NSO) settlement.

Consultation on improving Network Rail’s renewals efficiency
Closing date: 13 Sep 2017
This consultation document seeks views on what Network Rail, ORR and the wider industry need to do differently to improve renewals efficiency in CP6.

Guidance on Network Rail’s strategic business plans
Closing date: 11 Jan 2017
This consultation seeks views on our draft guidance to Network Rail on its strategic business plans for control period 6 (CP6).

Periodic review 2018 (PR18) initial consultation and conclusions
Closing date: 10 Aug 2016
This was our first major consultation on the 2018 periodic review (PR18). This consultation is now closed.

Network Charges - a consultation on how charges can improve efficiency
Closing date: 4 Mar 2016
This consultation looked at the way in which Network Rail charges train operators for use of its network. This consultation is now closed.

Preparatory work for the review of Schedules 4 and 8
Closing date: 15 Jan 2016
We are preparing for reviews Schedules 8 and 4 of the track access contract (the performance and possessions regimes, respectively) for the 2018 periodic review of Network Rail (PR18). This consultation is now closed.