Consumer consultations

Our consumer consultations and conclusions.

Changes to complaints handling
Last updated: 26 Jul 2018
A consultation on modifying licence condition 6 (complaints handling) to make membership of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme in the rail sector a mandatory requirement.

Improving Assisted Travel: a consultation
Last updated: 30 Apr 2018
On 30 April 2018 we published our 'Improving Assisted Travel: a consultation summary & next steps'.

Consultation on the scope of regulation for some categories of licence holder for Complaints Handling Procedures and Disabled People’s Protection Policies
Last updated: 19 Dec 2017
Consultation on options for how we regulate obligations relating to Disabled People’s Protections Policies (DPPPs) and Complaints Handling Procedures (CHPs) for station licence holders and charter operators.

Retail market review conclusions
Last updated: 5 Oct 2016
The Retail Market Review (the Review) is focused on who sells tickets, what tickets are sold, where and how tickets are sold, and the ticket format.

Call for evidence on passenger compensation
Last updated: 7 Feb 2016
The purpose of this letter is to invite interested parties to submit evidence that may support ORR’s enquiries into the issues raised in the super-complaint made by Which?

Draft guidance on complaints handling procedures for licence holders
Last updated: 30 Sep 2015
Train and station licence holders are required, by their operating licence, to have approved complaints handling procedures and to comply with them.

Code of practice on retail information - consultation on developing a code
Last updated: 21 Nov 2014
Consultation on the development of a code of practice on the provision of railway ticket information.

Code of practice on retail information
Last updated: 21 Nov 2014
Consultation on the development of a code of practice on the provision of railway ticket information.

Retail market review - consultation on the potential impacts of regulation and industry arrangements and practices for ticket selling
Last updated: 31 Oct 2014
How regulation and industry practices and arrangements for ticket selling are facilitating choice and promoting investment and innovation in the best interests of passengers.

Developing minimum core data for monitoring operators’ CHPs and DPPP performance
Last updated: 29 Aug 2014
This consultation invited interested parties to comment on our proposals to establish a core data set for complaint handling procedures (CHPs) and disabled people's protection policies (DPPPs).

Approving operators' complaints procedures and disabled policies
Last updated: 2 Aug 2013
A consultation on approving operators' complaints procedures and disabled policies.

Real time train information - findings from our review
Last updated: 28 Feb 2013

Amending licences to give passengers the information they need to plan and make journeys
Last updated: 20 Jun 2011