Reform of access contractual arrangements - seeking your views

Reference: ORR/001/2012
Date published: 25 January 2012
Start date: 23 January 2012
Closing date: 7 March/18 April 2012

We published a consultation document on proposals for a review of access contractual arrangements across the board. 

This document represents one strand of ORR's overall contribution to the wider industry reform programme, which we launched in response to the Rail Value for Money study.

Our aim is to make changes to the regulatory framework to provide a more robust, less complex legal and contractual framework that:

  • adds value; 
  • facilitates a public interest outcome; 
  • results in improved and closer working relationships (including handing further responsibility to the industry where possible);
  • ensures that the right balance of incentives are in place; and 
  • provides a reduced cost to the industry as a whole.

Consultation closed for some parts of the document on 7 March 2012. For other parts, the deadline was 18 April 2012.

Consultation documents