Open consultations

This section lists our currently open consultations.

Consultation on ORR's draft guidance on the Economic Equilibrium Test (EET)
Closing date: 14 Jan 2019
We are consulting on our guidance which sets out how we plan to administer the test.

PR18 consultation on implementing infrastructure cost charges for open access operators
Closing date: 14 Jan 2019
The purpose of this consultation is to finalise three remaining implementation issues regarding levying infrastructure cost charges on open access services.

Consultation on ORR’s Holding Network Rail to account policy
Closing date: 25 Jan 2019
We are consulting on a new regulatory policy for holding Network Rail to account for delivery of the commitments in our determination, and the obligations in its network licence.

Consultation on ORR’s approach to assessing the quality of Network Rail’s stakeholder engagement in CP6
Closing date: 25 Jan 2019
This consultation seeks views on the scope of our annual assessments of the quality of Network Rail's stakeholder engagement, and on our proposed approach to carrying them out.

Improving Assisted Travel – A consultation on changes to guidance for train and station operators on Disabled People's Protection Policy (DPPP)
Closing date: 18 Jan 2019
This consultation sets out proposals to change the Disabled People's Protection Policy (DPPP) Guidance for train and station operators on how to write their policies for helping disabled people to travel by rail.