New national travel trends research published

3 December 2012

New research which shows trends of how people travel in Britain has been published today.

'On the Move: making sense of car and train travel trends in Britain', co-sponsored by the RAC Foundation, the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR), the Independent Transport Commission and Transport Scotland, highlights how rail travel has increased over the past decade, fuelled by more people taking the train rather than existing passengers travelling more frequently.

ORR's Director of Markets and Economics, Cathryn Ross, said:

As the number of passenger journeys continues to increase - 1.5 billion passenger journeys took place last year, growing 8% from the previous year - it is vital that there is a solid understanding of the reason for rail's growth and popularity. It is only through examining and understanding rail use that the industry can ensure it is providing what passengers, taxpayers and funders need and want.
Huge investment has gone into the rail industry and the benefits can be seen. Hundreds of thousands of people across Britain rely on trains to get them from A to B, for business and for leisure.
This research shows how more and more people, across ages, parts of the country, income groups and for a wide range of reasons, are opting to travel by rail. It is hugely beneficial, helping the rail industry establish the factors prompting people to choose trains and helps develop a greater understanding of rail travel and its relationship with other forms of transport.

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