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Our image library is now available on Flickr the online photo management and sharing application at: Our photographs include  imagery of engineering and track works, freight, level crossings, train stations and ticketing, highways and motorways and National Traffic Operating Centres.

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You can also find our infographics and high resolution versions of the Office of Rail and Road logo.

ORR infographics

Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we doThe Office of Rail and Road (ORR) is the independent economic and safety regulator for Britain's railways, and monitor of performance and efficiency for England's Strategic Road Network.

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175 years making Britain's railways safer

175 years making Britain's railways saferAugust 2015 marked 175 years of service of the Railway Inspectorate (RI). We have published a timeline to share some of the history of the last 175 years in railways.

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An overview of the British rail industry - who does what

An overview of the British rail industry - who does whatThis diagram is intended to be a general rather than comprehensive overview of the rail industry for illustrative purposes only. Therefore, not every single element may be necessarily included. The overview reflects the industry as of February 2016.

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'Better health is happening'

Better health is happeningThis infographic is a summary of key findings from ORR's 'Better health is happening' report. An assessment of progress on occupational health up to 2014, and priorities to 2019.

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Enhancements cost adjustment mechanism (ECAM)

Enhancements cost adjustment mechanismEstablishing efficient costs of enhancement projects between 2014 and 2019

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Estimates of station usage

Estimates of station usageWe publish estimates of the total numbers of people entering, exiting and changing at each station in Great Britain. These are collated by Steer Davies Gleave on behalf of ORR.

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GB rail industry financial information

GB rail industry financial informationThis document presents ORR's analysis of the latest financial data from train operators, Network Rail and governments.

GB financials 2014-15

  • Money flows in the rail industry JPG.

GB financials 2013-14

GB financials 2012-13

  • GB rail industry financial information 2012-13 - full infographic - download the PDF pdf icon PDF, 184 Kb.
  • Industry income, expenditure and Government funding (2012-13) - download the JPG.

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How does ORR regulate?

How does ORR regulateORR’s economic enforcement policy below shows our phased approach to taking action in order to incentivise better future results for rail and road users.

Keeping Britain's railways safe

Our infographic on health and safety on Britain's railways in 2014-15.

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Keeping Britain's railways safe

Network Rail Monitor

Network Rail MonitorThis document is part of how we hold Network Rail to account. It sets out how we think Network Rail is doing in delivering its obligations to its customers and funders, and highlights any areas of concern.

What does Network Rail need to deliver by April 2019?

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Periodic review 2018 (PR18) timeline

The timetable, process and explanatory of the PR18's key elements.

Regional rail usage

Regional rail usageWe publish statistics on regional rail usage profiles (passenger journeys) for each region of Great Britain.

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Track access factsheet

Track access factsheetIf a railway operator wants to run trains on the rail network, it must seek the independent rail regulator's approval for a track access agreement with Network Rail.

How we make our decisions on track access and what factors we consider when making those decisions:

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What does Highways England need to deliver by 2020?

What does Highways England need to deliver by 2020?Highways England has committed to improve performance and efficiency of England’s Strategic Road Network.
Here are some of the key performance indicators and targets.

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