This section includes information about trains with doors operated by drivers, station platform gaps and on-train crowding, detailing how to report complaints and our safety policy position.

Trains with doors operated by drivers

Ian Prosser, ORR Director of Railway Safety and HM Chief Inspector of Railways, said:

"Trains with doors operated by drivers (known in the industry as 'Driver Only Operation') have been in operation in Great Britain for more than 30 years. ORR has scrutinised this approach, and our inspectors are satisfied that with suitable equipment, proper procedures and competent staff in place, it is a safe method of working.

"Great Britain's railways have a good safety record, and are now statistically the safest in Europe. Of course, we cannot be complacent, record numbers of passengers getting on and off trains means station and platform safety is a top priority."

Station and platform safety

The stepping distance between platform edge and train coaches can vary at some stations around the network. If the gap is too big it can be a risk to passengers getting on and off trains.

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Complaints about crowding on trains

How and who to report complaints about on-train passenger crowding; DfT's role in monitoring it and our policy on it, including our specific focus on higher risk situations.

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