Your journey

The question is, how far do you want to take your unique talents and skills? Those who join us aren't necessarily motivated by 'the best package', because the implications of a career move at ORR go deeper than that. Whether you're a rail professional or not, we can provide you with essential grounding, exposure to significant challenges and the opportunity to impact upon real-world issues. We're not a large organisation, so there's plenty of scope for making your role your own. So besides creating tangible change within the industry, you can transform your own CV.

We provide access to a comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities, mainly through 'Civil Service Learning' which was created for the benefit of the Civil Service and the wider public sector. It includes face-to-face courses, e-learning packages and downloadable learning resources. The products include a huge range of subjects such as leadership and management together with core skills such as project management, IS and finance. We also offer training sponsorship for qualifications relating to your work, as well as secondments and mentoring.