Our six strategic objectives for 2015-16

Our business plan summarises what we aim to achieve this year and provides detail around our six strategic objectives:

1. Drive for a safer railway:

Enforce the law and ensure that the industry delivers continuous improvement in the health and safety of passengers, the workforce and public, by achieving excellence in health and safety culture, management and risk control.

2. Support a better service for customers:

Use our powers to hold the industry to account for performance and standards of service across the railway network, for passengers and freight. Promote on-going improvement in the experience of passengers by encouraging the industry to work together, including to provide greater transparency of information.

3. Secure value for money from the railway, for users and funders:

Strengthen incentives for the whole industry to work together to drive greater efficiency from the use and maintenance of existing railway capacity, and more cost-effective investment in the network.

4. Promote an increasingly dynamic and commercially sustainable sector:

Support sustainable economic growth by promoting innovation and efficient long-term investment across the rail industry through the appropriate development of effective markets and regulatory intervention.

5. Secure improved performance and value for money from the strategic road network:

Secure improved performance, including efficiency, safety and sustainability, from the strategic road network, for the benefit of road users and the public, through proportionate, risk-based monitoring, increased transparency, enforcement and robust advice on future performance requirements.

6. Be a high-performing regulator:

Develop and apply proportionate and risk-based regulation, taking a whole-sector approach. Make more effective use of our resources across safety and economic functions, maximise the value of our regulation while minimising the costs of compliance for the industry.

Last updated - 13 November 2015