What we do

We regulate the rail industry's health and safety performance, we hold Network Rail and High Speed 1 (HS1) to account and we make sure that the rail industry is competitive and fair. We are also the monitor of Highways England and we have economic regulatory functions in relation to railways in Northern Ireland and for the northern half of the Channel Tunnel, situated in the UK.

Our functions

Our safety and economic functions are driven by EU and UK legislation – and we are accountable to Parliament and the public. This section provides an overview of our role.

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The law and our duties

We operate within the framework set by UK and European legislation and we are accountable through Parliament and the courts. In this section you can find details of our statutory duties and the relevant legislation.

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Our strategic objectives

Our six strategic objectives for 2017-18.

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Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we do