Transparency programme

ORR's transparency programme has three elements:

  • Maintaining and improving our own data release and reporting programme to ensure high quality information is made public on rail finances, performance, usage and safety
  • Promoting greater access to and use of ORR data by all stakeholders
  • Working with the industry to promote greater transparency across the sector

This approach has been developed through close engagement with funders, industry and the public over recent years.

The majority of ORR's data release comes through its Data portal.

We also produce several statistical releases, which provide more context around the data, which are published on our website:

  • Passenger and freight rail performance – released quarterly
  • Passenger rail usage –released quarterly
  • Freight rail usage – released quarterly
  • Passenger rail service satisfaction – released quarterly
  • Regional rail usage – released annually
  • Rail safety statistics – released annually
  • Rail finance – released annually
  • Rail infrastructure, assets and environmental – released annually
  • Network Rail Monitor showing how the company is performing against its performance and financial targets
  • Annual efficiency and finance assessment of Network Rail – showing how the company is delivering against its efficiency targets
  • Annual report to Network Rail's remuneration committee on financial and operating performance to inform their decisions on executive bonuses Insert link
  • Annual health and safety report
  • Great Britain's rail industry financial information providing definitive information about the industry's value for money for its funders, both passengers and the taxpayer.

This is what we are going to release in future

In the year ahead, ORR will also publish some new reports. These will include a new report from April 2016 showing industry performance against key obligations it has towards the consumers. This will cover assistance to disabled passengers, management of complaints handling processes, provision of information to passengers particularly during travel disruption and better information to help passengers choose the best ticket for their needs.

In this current new five-year (2009-2014) investment period for Network Rail, we have also improved the information we publish on Network Rail's performance. For example, our regular annual efficiency and finance assessment of Network Rail and the Network Rail Monitor carries more disaggregated information so that it stakeholders can see more clearly how the company is performing at route level.

We’re also using video and infographics to help explain complex issues and activity. To receive more information on ORR reports, register for our news by email service.

More information for customers

Train operating companies already produce a wide range of information for their customers, particularly on journey times and disruption. They are making increasing use of social media to reach a wider audience. However, we want them to do more. We want the industry to publish right time train information (when trains actually arrive) at a level of detail which meets customer expectations and which shows a true picture of punctuality. We'd also like more information on delay causation so that passengers can better understand the reasons why things sometime go wrong. Where this is not provided by the industry, ORR will consider publishing the data itself.

There is also more that could be done on real time information. This is data which shows the probability of a particular service being late and allows passengers to make informed choices when planning their travel. We want the industry to allow access to its data on real time train information and believe that third party developers, with access to this data, will be able to provide products enabling passengers to plan their journey with much greater certainty.